Geocel 2300 Construction Tripolymer Sealant stays flexible, is UV resistant and adheres to wet or oily surfaces. Asphalt shingle compatible. Available in clear. Will not crack. Asphalt compatible. Exceptional elongation and flexibility. Excellent adhesion to many building surfaces, even when damp. Superior ultraviolet resistance. Resealable, may be applied over itself. Paintable. No dirt pick-up. Easily applied, non-stringing formulation. Available in crystal clear, colors, and specially designed metal roof colors. Tools and cleans up easily. Mildew resistant when cured.


Geocel 2310 is the brushable version of the 2300. Exhibits adhesion to many common construction materials including damp, oily, or dirty surfaces.  Withstands water contact immediately after application to stop leaks. Prevents rust on metal surfaces. Mildew resistant when cured. Paintable. Crystal clear. Resealable. All weather application. Stays flexible. Lever-lock lids on 3-gallon pails.



2315LRF Leak Repair-Fibered Brushable Coating is a single-component, elastic sealant with rubber-like flexibility. This coating is a permanent solution for roof leaks and will stop leaks immediately, even in wet conditions.

Stops leaks immediately and permanently. Fibered for strength. Will function in severe UV, heat, acid rain, and intermittent foot traffic. Withstands water contact immediately after application to stop leaks. One-step application with no primer required. Applies in extreme temperature ranges, including wet and icy conditions. Mildew resistant when cured. Repairs small areas on slate, tile, shingles, and asphalt roofs. Exhibits adhesion to many roofing materials, including damp, oily, or slightly dirty surfaces.

PC-SWD-Colorwheel2 procolorswd

ProCOLOR SWD Tripolymer Sealant is a single-component, high-performance sealant formulated for exterior siding, window, and door applications. Available in a wide variety of precision matched siding, window, and door colors. Adheres in wet or damp conditions. Ultraviolet resistant. Paintable – contains no silicone. No primers required. Resists dirt pick-up. Mildew resistant when cured. Resealable – may be applied over itself. Permanently flexible. ASTM C 920 compliant. Application temperature range is 0°F to 140°F. COLORS TO MATCH ALL MASTIC VINYL SIDING PRODUCTS.